Reaching A Child Support Agreement

In East Cobb child support payment calculations are based on many factors, including the gross income of both parents, any already-established child support orders, self-employment taxes, health insurance premiums, educational costs, day care costs, and more. East Cobb child support must be paid on a set day of each month, and the parent responsible for payment is usually allowed to set the payment schedule according to when he or she is paid. Most states have child support “registries” that can be paid into each month, from which funds are forwarded to the custodial parent—these are a good option, since the government then has a record of payments made.

Georgia runs a child support enforcement program, meaning that child support may be deducted from a payer’s wages. Overdue child support may also be collected from: liens placed on property, sales of property, or federal and state income tax refunds. If your circumstances change, however, you can seek an alteration of your child support requirement. If, for example, your income decreases, you lose your job, the other parent’s income increases, or living expenses in either household change, you may want to ask the court to recalculate child support.

In East Cobb child support lasts until the child reaches the age of 18, marries, or dies. If a child is still in secondary school, however, payments may be required to continue until the child graduates or turns 20 years of age. To understand all the state laws that can impact your child custody or support case, contact an attorney familiar with your region’s laws.

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