Handling Uncontested Divorce

In East Cobb, an uncontested divorce occurs when the husband and wife reach an agreement with respect to how to divide all their assets and debts, and, if they have children, how to manage custody and child support. An East Cobb uncontested divorce typically costs a great deal less than a contested one, usually several thousand dollars, due to the savings in legal fees. Uncontested divorces  are also usually less time consuming, often concluding within a few months after the process begins, and can even be granted 31 days after the defendant has been served with the divorce complaint.

To begin uncontested divorce proceedings, the parties draft a settlement agreement outlining all arrangements for the marital estate and a “parenting plan” addressing any children’s support and custody. The agreement and plan are filed at the local Superior Court along with the divorce complaint. The court requires 31 days to pass before holding a final hearing at which the settlement, upon approval, is made an order of the court. The court’s order, known as a final judgment and decree, concludes the lawsuit. An East Cobb uncontested divorce attorney can guide you through this process, or, if you want a more structured approach to reaching an agreement with your former spouse, a “collaborative divorce”—in which each party hires an attorney and then all four convene to negotiate an agreement—may be a productive procedure. While this costs more than trying to reach an agreement without legal counsel, the collaborative process is still far less costly than litigation.

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