Family Law at a Glance

East Cobb family law designates the division of civil law that deals with the legal relationships among family members like husbands, wives, parents, children, and domestic partners. Some of the issues addressed by this area of law include child custody, visitation rights, domestic violence, divorce, juvenile dependency and delinquency, adoption, paternity, marital property rights, and child support obligations. The personal relationships involved in this branch of law are governed by state law, so what is constituted by it varies from state to state. An East Cobb family law attorney is your best resource for understanding your resources and options when addressing a family legal issue.

The services provided by an East Cobb family law attorney can be highly diverse. Whether your former spouse has missed a child support payment or a custody exchange appointment; you’re determining paternity; pursuing adoption; or dealing with juvenile delinquency, a family law attorney is the person to whom you would turn in order to resolve the issue. Family law practitioners must therefore be skilled both as litigators and negotiators. Negotiation is particularly important to collaborative law, an emerging field of family law in which divorcing parties (or those involved in other family law disputes) engage in a structured, collaborative effort to reach resolution without going to court. Since both attorneys agree not to represent their party should either decide to take the matter to court, there is substantial motivation to reach an agreement.

A good family law attorney will also be able to counsel you on accounting and financial matters and be able to present these issues to the court. To find your best representation, you should also make sure to find an attorney with excellent oral communication and counseling skills, since familial legal disputes are often very stressful, emotional experiences for those undergoing them.

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